Through the first three games of the Hawks/Nets playoff series, Brooklyn point guard Deron Williams had 18 points. Not 18 points per game, either—18 points total. He scored 13 points in Game 1 of the series before dropping two points in Game 2 and three points in Game 3. So when @MhDaDon took to Twitter during Game 4 last night and sent out this bizarre tweet, it didn't seem like he'd be in any trouble:

But then, a funny thing happened. Deron Williams magically transformed back into the Deron Williams that NBA fans knew and loved during his Jazz days and went off against Atlanta. He hit 13 of the 25 shots he took—including 7-of-11 from behind the three-point line—and ended up dropping 35 points en route to a 120-115 Nets overtime win. It led to @MhDaDon sending out tweets like this:

And this:

And eventually, this:

And unlike some sports fans who make these bets online (remember this guy?), @MhDaDon didn't run and hide once the game ended. He agreed to follow through with what he'd said during the game and told his Twitter followers that he was ready to chow down on his mailbox key:

He then posted this video to YouTube, which shows him putting ketchup on the key, chewing the key, and eventually eating it:

Just one problem: As SB Nation pointed out after watching the video, he didn't eat the key. If you watch closely towards the end of the clip, the key is lodged in between his teeth and his cheek, even though he tries to act like he swallowed it. And while that makes this whole thing pretty lame, it's still amazing that this guy took this as far as he did. Almost as amazing as Deron Williams dropping 35 points in a playoff game in 2015!

Hmmm...What is this guy going to agree to do during Game 5?

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[via SB Nation]