Victim(s): Stacey King

If you thought being Michael Jordan's teammate was going to save you from receiving some trash talk, this LOL is for you. In the book, The Jordan Rules, Sam Smith writes about an incident that is too messed up to be true. 

The day before the Utah game, some of the office staff came to practice with a carload of souvenir items for the players to sign. It was a twice-a-year routine; after practice, the players would gather in a circle, pass around balls and pennants, and sign each. The team would then auction off the items for charity. As the players sat signing, Jordan started talking.

"Listen to this," he said. "You ever hear of a guy, six-eleven maybe and two hundred sixty pounds, a guy big and fat like that and he can’t get but two rebounds, if that many, running all over the damn court and he gets two rebounds?"

The players began trying to muffle laughter because it was clear whom Jordan was talking about.

"Big guy like that," Jordan continued. "and he gets one rebound. Can’t even stick his ass into people and get more than that"

Jordan is talking about fellow Bulls player, Stacey King, who finally had enough and shot back at M.J. with a "Fuck you!" But Mike continued to roast his own teammate. "Big, fat, fat guy...One rebound in three games. Power forward. Maybe they should call it powerless forward," he said. King had enough of Jordan and walked away. We would too after that powerless forward line. Damn.