Victim(s): Muggsy Bogues

Down by one to the Chicago Bulls, the Charlotte Hornets needed to make one more huge basket to avoid getting bounced in the 1995 NBA Playoffs. Muggsy Bogues took the ball in this important possession with Michael Jordan guarding him. Eventually, Jordan stepped back and gave Bogues the space to shoot the rock. “Shoot it you fucking midget," MJ barked. The 5-foot-3 guard obliged and didn't come close. The Bulls won the game, 85-84, and moved onto the semifinals to play the Orlando Magic. 

According to Johnny Bach, who was a coach on that 1995 Hornets team, Bogues told him that moment ruined his career.  He was never the same, averaging just 5.9 points per game for the remainder of his career after three straight years of putting up double-digit points. Cold.