We're exactly one month away from The Fight, and while it'll be virtually impossible for any real humans to buy tickets to the fight, us lower born folk will be able to settle for record-breaking pay-per-view packages. To watch Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao put on the fight we all wanted five years ago, the Wall Street Journal reports PPV prices just under triple-digits

"Under the terms being discussed, the fight will be sold for $99 for a high-definition feed and $89 for standard definition, both of which are record prices. The previous high was $74.95 for high-definition and $64.95 for standard."

The WSJ goes on to report that some boxing industry observers think that the fight will rake in over $300 million in PPV sales. That would be another record. My goodness is there a lot of money being tossed about in the periphery of this fight. Mayweather thinks he can make $200 million from the purse, and Pac's out here using $1,800 cream for his cramps. This is getting gaudy, guys. 

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[via The Wall Street Journal]

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