Last week, Matt Barnes' son showed his dad the ultimate sign of disrespect when he decided to wear a Steph Curry uniform (a jersey and shorts!) to school after he was asked to dress up as someone that he looks up to. And it sounds like he's not the only son of a famous NBA player who has disrespected his dear old dad during the NBA Playoffs.

Towards the end of the Cavaliers/Celtics game last night, which Cleveland won 99-91, Rachel Nichols revealed that, when LeBron James passed Michael Jordan on the career playoff assists list earlier this week, it was one of LeBron's sons who told him about it. But in doing so, the son (Nichols didn't identify whether it was LeBron Jr. or Bryce) also told LeBron that he "doesn't think his dad could beat MJ in much of anything else."

After the game ended, Nichols asked LeBron about what his son said, and LeBron was quick to play it off and move on to the next question. But we now know where one of LeBron's own sons stands in the LeBron vs. MJ debate. So disrespectful!

Watch the video above to hear Nichols and LeBron talk about his son's opinion.

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[via The Big Lead]