Odds are you're not shocked by that headline. But it is kind of funny. At least, assuming you find a star player taking his coach's nuts from him funny. Today, on Bill Simmons' B.S. Report podcast, ESPN writer Brian Windhorst confirmed a long-suspected belief by saying:

"The Princeton offense that David Blatt installed in the preseason, they just threw that out. What typically happens—and this has been happening for like three months now—is LeBron will take the ball, and LeBron will call the play. David Blatt will see what play LeBron calls, and he will repeat it to the team. That happens on a regular basis."

That's about the saddest thing we've ever heard (if we were to discount truly sad things), but before we go feeling sorry for Coach Blatt, we remember that he'll be making between $3.33 and $5 million dollars every year for the next four seasons. For that type of cash we'd let the league's biggest star emasculate us too. And if you wouldn't, damn man, guess your ego just won't allow you to be rich.

[via ESPN/B.S. Report]

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