The date was April 2, 2000. With 43 seconds left in the third quarter and the Lakers up 71-60, Kobe Bryant and the Knicks' Chris Childs got into one of the most memorable fights in NBA history. A fight that has been resurrected of late by GIFs and Vines. Today marks the 15th anniversary of their epic nationally-televised fisticuffs face-off.

As Childs was shadowing Kobe on defense, Bryant said something to Childs that enticed the New York point guard to shove him. Kobe in turn puffed his chest and stepped to Chris' grill. Childs then headbutted him and Kobe answered with a biscuit. Big mistake.

Much to Kobe's dismay, Chris retaliated with a two-piece combo that would've made Popeyes jealous. Bryant then tried to murder Childs with his bare hands but was held back by very strong NBA refs and his teammates. The rest is basketball history. Don't remember clearly? Here's a frame-by-frame breakdown of that fabled Sunday afternoon brawl.