Sometimes in life you may feel compelled to let a little kid win at something because, well, he's little and he actually cares. But at some point you have to crush him so he knows that dreams can be crushed. Otherwise he'll never adapt. That's our best guess as to what the Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones was thinking when he smoked a kid 98-35 in a game of NCAA Football last January. Less than a week after that, he won a game in similar ass-beating fashion against Oregon, though that game was called the "National Championship," and it was for real.

Odds are Oregon licked their wounds afterward, but the kid (who we forgot to mention was in the hospital at the time) is brazen (see: crazy) enough to think that three months can narrow a 63 point deficit. He wants a rematch, making it clear on Twitter earlier tonight:

Minutes later the challenge was heard. It wasn't taken seriously (nor should it be) but it was heard:

Minutes later, Jared accepted reality and proposed a different game with an exchange that will melt your heart, even if you're a total dickwad:

Based on their extremely limited history, the early line is Cardale by 15. Double that if they opt to play 20 minute periods.

[via Twitter]

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