It's been about a year now since TMZ Sports released a recording that featured then-Clippers owner Donald Sterling making a series of racist statements to his alleged mistress V. Stiviano. And while Sterling has since been banished from the NBA, his name is still in the news because of a lawsuit that was filed against Stiviano by his wife Shelly.

According to Shelly Sterling, her husband gave Stiviano a handful of very expensive gifts over the course of their relationship—including a house and a Ferrari—and he paid for them using money that belonged to both her and Sterling. So she sued Stiviano, hoping to recover some of that money. And on Tuesday, a Los Angeles judge ruled that Stiviano is going to have to pay Shelly about $2.6 million for accepting the gifts. Shelly's attorneys had originally planned on trying to force Stiviano to repay her more than $3.5 million, but they eventually settled on $2.6 million based on evidence that was presented during the court case.

"Shelly is thrilled with the decision," Shelly's attorney Pierce O'Donnell said after the ruling was handed down by Judge Richard Fruin Jr. yesterday. "This is certainly a victory for the Sterling family whose funds were dissipated by Donald to lavish millions of dollars of gifts on a conniving mistress."

Stiviano's lawyers have 15 days to file an objection to the judge's ruling. But as of right now, she's going to be on the hook for a lot of money because of her controversial relationship with Sterling.

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