On Sunday, UFC champion Jon "Bones" Jones was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident that took place in Albuquerque, N.M. A rental car that he was traveling in reportedly hit a vehicle carrying a 25-year-old pregnant woman and resulted in the woman suffering a broken arm. Police were unable to locate Jones in the immediate aftermath of the accident—several reports indicated that he had fled from the scene on foot after the crash—but Jones finally turned himself into Albuquerque police late Monday after an arrest warrant for him was issued.

At this time, the authorities investigating Jones' case have not released many official details. But they have confirmed that the woman broke her arm in the crash, and they have also confirmed that marijuana was found in the SUV that Jones was allegedly driving. They released the mugshot that you see above as well. And because of the severity of the alleged crime, they are charging Jones with a felony for reportedly leaving the scene of the crash. It could result in Jones serving up to three years in prison and facing a large fine.

The UFC hasn't announced whether or not Jones will still fight at UFC 187 as planned. Jones also hasn't released any kind of statement about the accident. So stay tuned for additional information.

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