By this time next week, Jameis Winston is set to be a very rich man. It won't officially kick in until he signs on the dotted line, but for all intents and purposes we think it's safe to say he'll be doing pretty well. This morning news drops that the soon-to-be rich will get soon-to-be richer as Tampa-area eatery Skipper's Smokehouse, and their FSU alum owner, promised to give Jameis a boatload of crab legs if he ends up with the Bucs this season. If what we all think is going to happen happens, the eatery will celebrate by "hooking [Jameis] up" with all the crab legs he can handle (which, judging by photos from certain angles could be a lot). Of course, Jameis isn't the Bucs' god damn GM, so we're not sure if this makes any sense beyond building a promotion. Then again we're writing about it, so kudos to Skipper's Smokehouse. Way to not let a low-scale theft go to waste.

[via TMZ Sports]

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