Floyd Mayweather is the undisputed No. 1 boxer alive. Isaiah Thomas is, well, the undisputed No. 1 point guard on the Boston Celtics. Mayweather earned over $100 million last year. Thomas will earn about $7 million this season. The gap in sporting status and wealth between Thomas and Mayweather is great, and in a feature on the pair's unlikely friendship from The Boston Herald, Thomas explains exactly how they linked up, and how that lead to Mayweather gifting a $200,000 Bentley to Thomas for his birthday. 

Thanks 4 the Bday gift champ @FloydMayweather you got me riding clean pic.twitter.com/5vXs76IOss

— Isaiah Thomas (@Isaiah_Thomas) February 8, 2015

According to Thomas, their friendship began five years ago, before he was even in the NBA. He went to check out a Mayweather workout in Las Vegas, and was spotted in the crowd by the champ, who's a huge basketball fan, albeit an average pickup player. (Also, both athletes stand at 5'8", something that helped forge their seemingly instant bond.) They met up through a mutual friend after Mayweather's workout, and hit the town that night.

“We went to a Robin Thicke concert later that night, and since then, we’ve talked almost every day,” said Thomas. 

Even though they're BFFs now (that Robin Thicke show must've been fire), Thomas says he was surprised when that Bentley showed up at his house one morning. Mayweather, however, has been known to lavishly spend on gifts. Last Christmas, he dropped $250,000 on jewelry for friends, and bought a gold Bentley golf cart for his son's birthday. His own Lamborghini Aventador runs at about $400,000 MSRP. 

“He’s given me a few gifts before, nice ones, but that one was unbelievable. It had everyone in the NBA talking,” Thomas said. “Every team we played after that, guys would come up to me (and ask), ‘Where’s the Bentley, does Floyd got something good for me?’ It surprised everybody.”

Of their friendship, Thomas says he likens Mayweather, who's 12 years older than him, as an older brother. 

“He’s 38, so he’s very old, but he treats me like a little brother,” Thomas said. That big-little dynamic definitely popped up when Thomas emphatically stared Mayweather down after hitting a clutch game-tying shot in the preseason. 

“It’s weird sometimes. I think, wow, I’m close friends with Floyd Mayweather," said Thomas. "Probably the best boxer of all time. But we’ve connected since that day we met." 

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[via The Boston Herald