Ever since the eighties turned into the nineties, the Cleveland Browns have been a pretty terrible football team. The fact that their franchise briefly disappeared did nothing to turn that tide. In fact, they've made only two playoff appearances since 1990, with their last one coming in 2002. They've been mocked for everything, from their never-ending inability to find a franchise quarterback, to their utterly pointless logo redesign.

Tonight, they continued to try and re-boot, unveiling their new uniforms, which they have nine different combos of. That sheer volume of choices caused team president Alec Scheiner to opine that the Browns could be "like Oregon of the NFL," at least when it comes to jerseys, not on-field success. After starting with that bizarre intro pose above, here's what the team shedded their team-druid cloaks to unveil:

Look out AFC North.

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[via @Browns/@PhilHecken]