The man you see above giving a quixotic "aw hell, look what we've done now lads" look is 24-year-old striker Jay Hart of English semi-pro soccer club Clitheroe. This morning, Hart is likely wondering what the hell he was thinking when he had on-camera sex with an unidentified woman in his manager's dugout. After Clitheroe lost away to opposing side Mossley 4-1 on Mossley's "ladies day," Hart, dressed in his team's warm-up gear, thought he had found a moment of post-match privacy.

Video of Hart screwing circulated online last weekend, causing Clitheroe club chairwoman Ann Barker to cut Hart, saying in a statement: “We expect a certain level of behaviour and discipline. And that wasn’t it.”

Hart's girlfriend, who he has two children by, seemed more disgusted with the fact that people were posting and sharing the video than her boyfriend's actual actions. She wrote on Facebook, "Have a bit of decency for the people it’s affected. Thank god my kids are too young to read. It’s disgusting. I bet their families are far from perfect.”

As for Hart's explanation for the fiasco? A bit of drunkenness and the classic "it's not cheating if you don't get caught" attitude had him in horny straights that night. "I’m full of regret. I’d had a couple of drinks. I was away from everyone and thought I was hidden," he said.

The video has since been scrubbed from the Internet (from what we can see, at least). Images are still floating around though, and this still from the alleged video is plenty WARNING: NSFW CONTENT BELOW.

No more is needed for the imagination: 

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