After months of pro football exile, Adrian Peterson has finally been reinstated back into the NFL, where he is allowed to "participate in all team activities." But allowed to is not the same as will, and it appears that Peterson will opt to be a no-show for the start of "voluntary" offseason workouts.

Peterson is set to make $13 million bucks this season, but will lose $250,000 if he doesn't attend roughly 80 to 90 percent of the Vikings' OTAs. Whether that means Peterson is trying to force the organization to blink (and by "blink" we mean "trade him") before the Draft is unclear. But it's certainly a reasonable inference. Some reports (like the one linked below) state that Minnesota won't trade Peterson, while others state that they want a massive haul in exchange for the 2012 league MVP. If he does get dealt, expect him to land in Dallas, Arizona or maybe even Oakland. That may be reason for excitement in those towns (at least as excited as you can be about a 30-year-old running back), but we'd still give house odds to him remaining with the Vikes.

[via Minnesota Star Tribune]

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