Aaron Hernandez Has Become an Expert at Conning Correctional Officers Into Giving Him Extra Sandwiches

Aaron Hernandez stands at 6'1" and weighs in at 245 lbs—suffice to say, the former NFL tight end has a big body that has an appetite beyond prison food, or at least the quantity of food given to inmates. According to Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, the man who's held Hernandez in jail these past 18 months, Hernandez is a master manipulator who'd attempt to use his charm on prison guards. 

"He would make every effort to get extra sandwiches," Hodgson said. "He would just try to convince the officers to give him more than what they otherwise could get."

Hodgson handed over custody of Hernandez to a nearby state prison shortly after the guilty verdict came down. Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, but from Hodgson's observations, the verdict didn't phase him much. 

"He doesn't really look at it as jail. It's more like training camp... He didn't really have much of a change in his demeanor [after the verdict]. He pretty much still had a swagger in his step."

That "swagger," Hodgson says, will help him do "OK" in prison. "He'll probably do fine. He'll be able to talk his way through everything," said Hodsgon, before adding that Hernandez is susceptible to getting heated over perceived "disrespect." 

"If someone's trying to outwardly and aggressively disrespect him, that could create a problem," he said.

Hmmmm, where have we seen something like that before? Here's an example of "disrespect" in Aaron Hernandez's life that lead to a problem: Odin Lloyd talked some talk at a nightclub that Hernandez didn't like hearing about, so Hernandez shot six bullets and killed him.

Solution: Life in prison with no parole. 

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[via ESPN Boston

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