A Tennessee high school football coach is currently being hospitalized for facial injuries after receiving a beat-down from a student. According to a report by The Murfreesboro Daily News Journal, Riverdale High School football coach Ron Aydelott was in his office on Tuesday morning when a 17-year-old student came in to visit. The student was reportedly handing in paperwork in order to try-out for the football team.

While it's not known was exactly triggered the attack, witnesses told Channel 5 News in Tennessee that the student somehow felt disrespected by Aydelott—enough so to start throwing punches. School principal Tom Nolan wasn't able to offer more details on the incident, but his disbelief can be felt in his shaken quotes:

"We're just in total shock. (Aydelott) basically just got attacked. The kid just went nuts on him. Coach Aydelott was sitting down at his desk and the guy just kept whaling on him."

"He finally stopped," said Nolan. "The kid then walked into the office, put his hands behind his back and surrendered."

A school resources officer immediately arrested the student, who's being held at Rutherford County Juvenile Detention Center until his court hearing today. 

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[via The Murfreesboro Daily News Journal