Wrestlemania 31 is just over two weeks away. When John Cena, Rusev, and other WWE wrestlers hit the ring on March 29, odds are, some of them will be on prescription pain pills. TMZ Sports recently asked Rob Van Dam about how he deals with daily pain, and he admitted to choosing marijuana over pain meds for his needs. After that, they caught up with WWE legend Kevin Nash, who wrestled during a time when marijuana was tested for and banned within WWE. 

Nash gave his stance on pot, saying, "I think medical marijuana is the way to go."

He also expanded on how he's come to terms with medical marijuana in the voting booth. "Even at this point, it's not even a Republican sticking point," said Nash. "In my state of Florida, we just had a vote on it. We needed 60 percent majority to pass it. 58 percent of people voted for medical marijuana, and it didn't pass." 

"It's a matter of time. In my personal opinion, I'd much rather have somebody using cannabis over pharmaceutical grade oxys." 

There you have it. Could we see a push for medical marijuana use across sports for athletes dealing with pain? Some NFL players are already agitating for it, especially as the sport faces a potential pain-killer crisis. 

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