Like a lot of you, I grew up playing youth sports. And in that time I learned valuable lessons in teamwork, perseverance, and whatever third quality everyone talks about. But slowly, as the years went by, I lost a lot of respect for a lot of adults. In my comparatively tame adolescence (at least, compared to this list) I saw seemingly normal grown men berate teenage officials, annihilate water coolers, and threaten violence.

Early on, I think I was actually one of the more understanding kids, because I used to chalk up inevitable outbursts to the stresses of adulthood. My inner-rationalizations for terrible behavior usually centered around the weight of an unfulfilling career, an overwhelming mortgage, erectile dysfunction, or a combination of all three. These problems, in-turn, resulted in the occasional referee getting lit up. These people aren’t horrible, I thought, they’re just having bad days. Now, as an adult, I’ve come to an obvious realization: some people are just dicks. Today we’ve combed through a collection of 13 such dicks, with a mix of both coaches and parents who have used youth sports as their rage outlet, almost certainly scarring their children for life in the process.    

Honestly, there were a ton of these degenerates. Narrowing them down to 13 was far from easy. Simply Google: (blank) sport, followed by: dad (or mom) arrested, and you'll see just how many hundreds thousands hundreds of thousands of results turn up, with a range of crimes that vary from assaults to (the occasional) murder. To truly whittle this list to a mere 13 examples, I tried to focus on uniquely insane stories. Hopefully these fit the bill but, if you personally have any good stories, feel free to send them to our tips email (link below).

For now these sufficiently outrageous stories will do. Here are the 13 Worst Parents in Youth Sports History.

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