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During their respective NBA careers, Vlade Divac and Shaquille O'Neal endured their fair share of battles on the court. When Divac was with the Kings and O'Neal was with the Lakers, they squared off quite a few times, with Shaq getting the best of Vlade more often than not. But despite this, Divac doesn't think Shaq was all that talented. He recently called DeMarcus Cousins the "most talented big guy I have ever seen" before sending a shot in Shaq's direction.

"Shaq wasn't talented," said Divac, who now works in the Kings' front office. "He was just strong. I was talented, but I wasn't strong."

Divac did go on to say that Shaq was a dominant player. He also joked when he was asked about how Shaq—now a minority owner with Sacramento—is technically his boss.

"He always was my boss," he said.

But we can't imagine Shaq taking too kindly to Divac saying that he "wasn't talented." So he might want to freshen up his résumé before Shaq gets wind of what he said.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]