Two weeks from today the NFL is going to hold their first ever combine veteran scouting combine, simultaneously giving current players a chance at improving their free agent stock, as well as giving NFL Network loving weirdos a chance to watch more players run the 40-yard dash and do broad jumps and shit.

One of the players who could be looking to latch on with a team is none other than former Heisman winner and first round pick Tim Tebow. Tebow was last in the league in 2013. He was cut by the Patriots right before the season kicked off. According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe, Tebow (who's currently an SEC analyst) has been working out for the past two years with Tom Brady's personal coach Tom House in anticipation for one last gasp at NFL glory. House admitted that he doesn't know if Tebow's actually going to participate in the combine, but did say:

“He went from being a little inaccurate and didn’t throw a whole lot of spirals, to throwing very accurate and real good at spinning the ball.”

Odds are Tebow still has some sort of comeback ambitions as there's really no other practical purpose for tightening up your spirals. If this report is true (and to be clear it's still just a rumor) there's a definite movie coming out, provided Tebow can pull this off. Of course anybody who saw Tebow play as a pro realizes that's a huge if. But it could make an otherwise uninteresting event slightly less uninteresting.

We're sure that if there's legs to it you'll here more about this story soon.

[via Boston Globe]

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