On ESPN's First Take this morning, the gang debated how Randy Gregory's failed drug test at last month's NFL Combine will impact his draft stock. Gregory, a projected Top 10 pick before this latest hiccup, has a history of failed drug tests for marijuana. His story follows a string of recent athletes who've seen their sports careers derailed, in-part, due to marijuana-related suspensions or issues, with Larry Sanders and Josh Gordon being the most notable examples. 

All of this—ALL OF IT—has Stephen A. Smith absolutely fed the fuck up. He's pissed, and his pissed-ness boils down to one central point: He's tired of seeing athletes, namely black ones, smoke weed without a care when their chosen profession explicitly bars them from doing so. Watch the video below for his whole take (starts at 5:45).

"BLOWING MILLIONS? FOR SOME WEED? Man, go to break y'all," shouted Smith at the end of his rant.

This isn't the first time he's gone nuts over athletes smoking weed, but this latest rant was next-level, because he roped race into it so strongly.

And Twitter's reaction was just as strong too:

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