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A reporter for SB Nation went to SXSW this past weekend and, while there, accidentally stumbled upon Alex Richanbach of Funny or Die telling a story about the NFL, and their stooge of a commissioner Roger Goodell.

You see last year, after Barack Obama discussed healthcare with Zach Galifianakis on Between Two Ferns, the NFL approached FOD for a similar sit-down between Galifianakis and their oft-maligned commish. The league sent over talking points that they wanted to address, and FOD obliged but also said they'd be cracking a few jokes at Roger's expense. Anybody who's watched the show before understands that this is the formula. The guest comes on to act like this is a traditional talk show, and Galifianakis acts like an awkward dick. If the guest plays it straight, FOD will make you look good. You would assume the NFL knew this premise when they wanted to be on the freakin' program.

When the league refused to display even the tiniest speck of humility, FOD tried to save the sit-down by pointing out: "but Obama did it, and he's President of the United States."

At this point the NFL responded exactly like you'd expect an arrogant and out-of-touch organization to respond, saying: "well, he's not the commissioner of the NFL."

And wouldn't you know it, that's exactly what they said.

[via SB Nation]

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