We're fans of the Rockets' Twitter account. Back in January, we ranked it ninth overall in the entire NBA and pointed out how well whoever runs the account routinely trolls opposing players. But last night, that person may have taken things a step too far by taking a shot at the "king."

At about 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, shortly after the Rockets knocked off LeBron James and the Cavaliers 105-103 in Houston, the Rockets' Twitter account applauded James Harden's 33-point, eight-rebound effort during the overtime win by crowning him the new "King James" and sending out this tweet:

As you'd probably expect, the reaction to it wasn't great:

And while we can't necessarily knock the Rockets for bigging up their own guy, we also can't help but wonder whether or not they got Harden's approval on this. What do you think he thought when he saw the tweet, especially after what happened between him and LeBron during the game?

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]