When ESPN anchor Robert Flores took a shot at Iggy Azalea on SportsCenter early yesterday by blaming her for "trying to kill hip hop," he probably didn't know that it was going to turn into this, right?

First, a clip of Flores slandering Iggy went viral. Then, after he got wind of what Flores had said, Iggy's boyfriend Nick Young responded to Flores' comment on Twitter. It added a new dimension to the "beef" and turned it into something bigger than it actually was. But then, late yesterday, the story took yet another twist when Flores made an appearance on ESPN Radio's Sedano & Stink and provided a response to Swaggy.

"If you look at his numbers," he said, "there's a 70 percent chance that, if he takes a shot at me, he's going to miss. I'm just looking at the numbers, so I'm good."

And Young's response to that was…a Drake lyric?

That should be the end of this. But after everything that's already taken place, we can't help but wonder where this might go next. Listen to Flores' interview on Sedano & Stink in the clip above.

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[via For The Win]