Timberwolves fans have embraced the return of Kevin Garnett, who's decided to reciprocate the love by giving away 1,000 free tickets for tomorrow night's game against the incoming Clippers. The tickets will go out in pairs to the first 500 people to visit the following link at 9 a.m.: www.timberwolves.com/kg. Now, we're assuming that's central time (you know, the time-zone Minnesota is in) but if it's eastern and you miss it are you really going to care? We mean, the T'Wolves are 13-45.

Still, when was the last time a pro athlete bought you anything? If you're in Minnesota and have nothing to do tomorrow (which, let's be honest, is likely) then take KG up on his offer. It may be one of the last times you get to see the greatest player in Timberwolves history.

[via NBA.com]

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