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The NFL has a long, storied history on the dance floor. Ten years and twenty seasons into ABC's Dancing with the Stars, Jerry Rice, Keyshawn Johnson, Lawrence Taylor, Michael Irvin, and Chad Johnson are just a few of the many football players who've strutted their stuff for all of America to gawk at and judge. Emmitt Smith, Donald Driver, and Hines Ward are the only NFL stars to win the whole competition.

Michael Sam is here to try and change that, one vicious booty-bump at a time. EVERYTHING that his mother gave him was being shaken on his DWTS debut last night. And I mean, everything. Is THIS a "distraction" to you?

Of course it is! SLAY MICHAEL SAM, SLAY.

Paired with Peta Murgatroyd, who won the competition in season 14 with Driver, Sam let loose to "Uptown Funk," which both enamored and upset the judges. They commented that his footwork was sloppy—a shocker from an NFL athlete, but perhaps not Sam, who was more known for his power and hustle than his nimbleness on the defensive line. His final tallies were a bit lukewarm: 6, 6, 7, and 7 (26 out of 40). 

Footwork and average scores aside, Sam's ass and energy stole the show. The judges couldn't stop talking about it after Sam's routine, and because of that Vine, you're probably still thinking about it, too. Honestly, it's impossible not to—basic human instinct. We love butts, period. Bruno Tonioli said, "That butt was a work of art. Michelangelo's 'David' has nothing on you." Len Goodman added, "You could win 'Rear of the Year' and I could win 'Ass of the Past.'" 

America I hope you guys enjoyed @PetaMurgatroyd and I dance. Make sure you go vote for us 8552345603! 💃💃💃💃

— Michael Sam (@MichaelSamNFL) March 17, 2015

Sam will participate in the first-ever NFL Veteran's Combine on March 22. He's clearly in shape. 

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