Yesterday, Marseille kicked the crap out of Toulouse 6-1 in a Ligue 1 matchup. An upset (see: probably drunk) fan got pissed and healthily channeled that rage by chucking a full bottled water at Marseille goalie Steve Mandanda during the post-game interview. Mandanda then used his world-class goalie skills to casually catch the bottle and offer it to his interviewer. It's unclear who the fan was, but if he doesn't feel like a dipshit for any number of reasons (the fact that he chose a goalkeeper of all targets, the fact that he couldn't sneak a bottle past a guy barely paying attention, etc.) then he truly is too drunk to remember. Still it's better to feel like a jackass than to feel like a jackass and be arrested for assault.

That's what we always say, anyway.

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