Last night's games were: like watching 80s pro wrestling when Hulk Hogan or Ultimate Warrior would squash a mid-level bad guy who had been talking smack nonstop leading up to the match. Heading into last night's Sweet Sixteen showdown against the 36-0 Kentucky, West Virginia guard Daxter Miles Jr boldly claimed the Wildcats would be 36-1?after the game. How'd that prediction go? miles Wait, that's not a real pic. Just one of many MJ-crying-face meme that's been making the rounds on Twitter after Kentucky shredded West Vriginia 78-39. My bad. But this pic below is real: kentucky presser Yeah... the Mountaineers got lapped and Miles finished with 0 points. Kentucky players were quick to rub salt and pour lemon juice all over West Virginia's wound after the game, too. CBE77q7WUAA3Yb2   Last night also saw the other number one seed, Wisconsin, rally to beat North Carolina 79-72; number three seed Notre Dame beating Wichita State, 81-70; and two-seed Arizona topping Xavier, 68-60. But Kentucky was the talk of the night and are now inching closer to that elusive undefeated season.