Perhaps all those "Kevin Durant is not nice" commercials were just a foreshadowing of things to come, because KD has been turning the hate up to 11 lately.

Continuing in his effort to shed that rainbows and unicorns reputation that he'd earned in the eyes of the public during his first few years in the NBA, Durant sought out and destroyed a dude on his Instagram who wrote "Westbrook is better than you" in the comment section of one of Durant's posts. 

Two minutes later, there was Durant, hitting the troll with a response with the quickness.

"we play on the same team dickhead, who cares." Zing. Succinct and to the point. 

Perhaps Durant was having a bad day, especially after getting the news that his running mate is going to be out once again with an injury, joining him on the Oklahoma City Thunder bench. Whatever the reason for the lashing out, Durant quickly deleted the whole post, but not before the Internets did its civic duty and screenshotted the body blow. 

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{Via The Smoking Section]