Tonight Kentucky pummeled West Virginia to advance to the Elite Eight. How bad was said pummeling? Well, I wrote that first sentence with five minutes left in the first half, got something to eat, and then wrote the rest of this. At no point did I pause to re-adjust the narrative. And neither did the Wildcats. It doesn't really matter, but Kentucky ended up doubling up the Mountaineers 78-39.

It was a game that featured Kentucky dunking on themselves: well as teaming up to block the competition team in different colored jerseys:

And all the while, as it happened, Twitter teamed up to mock one Daxter Miles Jr. For those of you who've sustained head trauma in the past 24 hours, Miles is a freshman guard for West Virginia who had the gall to say his team was actually going to beat Kentucky. The exact quote was "Salute to them getting to 36-0. But tomorrow, they're gonna be 36-1." He also said that UK "didn't play hard." Sure he was just trying to pump up his own team, but let's not get bogged down with minor technicalities. He should've just said "They're going to kick the s*** out of us. Seriously, I'm not sure why we're even showing up." That way he would've been mocked less. But what's done is done, and instead he was mocked so much he was trending. Here's some examples I found before I got sick of scrolling down a never-ending page:

(Note: Feel free to check Nostradamus's track record. I'd say Miles was on par.)

And finally, here's a couple of tweets from two guys who've never said anything stupid in public before:

[via Vine/Twitter]

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