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On Monday, Jeopardy was on its worst behavior. This was really one of the clues given during today's show:

And there's more than one person who noticed it. 

The clue is referring to the 2009 incident where Arenas, who kept unloaded guns in his locker room at the then-Wizards' home arena, the Verizon Center, was failing to follow through on a gambling bet with teammate Javaris Crittenton. Crittenton continued to press Gil to make good on the debt, shouting, “I’m not your punk!” 

Agent Zero responded by pulling a firearm from his locker on Crittenton, who reacted by pulling a gun on him. While nothing violent came from their stand-off, Arenas and Crittenton were given lengthy suspensions. 

Anyway, back to your question, Trebek. What chill, Alex?

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