Had you been pitched Twitter back in 2006, you'd be forgiven for thinking the idea was monumentally stupid. The concept of 140-character messages, followers, hashtags, and people volunteering their thoughts on everything makes little sense on paper, but apparently blows the hell up in practice. With the site's ninth birthday going down last week, we're using this opportunity to bring you the biggest screw-ups the sporting world has seen. Well, before they were deleted and the athlete involved pretended it never happened.

When you have access to the world from an app on your phone, bad things are bound to occur. In fact, we're surprised there aren't more of these considering how easy it is to whip out your cell and sound-off. In the heat of the moment, if you screw up, you can always reconsider and 'delete'. But if you're famous, odds are someone already captured it. It's the curse of actually having followers.

That's what we're bringing you today—a set of poorly thought-out tweets that didn't quite get axed in time. They're entertaining when they happen to someone else, just not when they happen to you. But odds are you're not on this list, so enjoy. Here are the 20 Greatest Deleted Sports Tweets of All-Time:

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