Everything hit the fan at this German soccer match last weekend. Like literally, everything hit the fan—that fan got nailed in the head with a massive goddamn trash can! It's miraculous that he wasn't decapitated.

This scuffle between German hooligans happened after a German fourth division match. For those unfamiliar with German's soccer structure, these fans support teams playing below what would be considered a D-League—these are the Z-League squads of German pro soccer. The German fourth division has 88 teams spread across five separate regional leagues.

Basically, nothing that happened at this match could've possibly been of any consequence or importance, but this shit still happened. Too bad for the fan that got hit. The aerial trash can, thrown by the diabolical man in that down jacket, prompted the cops to start using pepper spray on anyone in sight.

Or maybe that's not pepper spray and the police were just Febrezing the stinky trash can. Your call.

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[via The Big Lead]