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Every year, President Obama fills out an NCAA Tournament bracket. And every year, he gets criticized by someone for doing it. Because, you know, "HE'S THE PRESIDENT AND HE'S SUPPOSED TO HAVE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO THAN TRY AND DECIDE WHO IS GOING TO WIN THE NORTHERN IOWA/WYOMING GAME, RIGHT?"

We don't agree. It takes, like, five minutes to fill out a bracket—and 10 minutes to film a segment with ESPN's Andy Katz—so do you, Mr. President!

Fox News anchor Elisabeth Hasselbeck doesn't agree with us, though. So early this morning, she found a way to criticize President Obama for filling out a bracket this week. And she did it while simultaneously ripping him for not calling Benjamin Netanyahu to congratulate him on winning the Israeli election.

"He had time to give his picks," she said, "but not pick up the phone to say congratulations."

She's definitely reaching here. But check out what else she had to say in the clip above.

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