Death, taxes and Floyd Mayweather being Floyd Mayweather. It doesn't really matter what Mayweather is doing. He could be wrapping himself up in a blanket or taking a bath, Floyd just does everything bigger and better than everyone else. Now, you may be wondering how could Money Mayweather possibly turn something as simple as signing a contract to fight Manny Pacquiao on May 2 into a big deal? Look at the pen. 

The pen used by Mayweather to sign the contract was the Peerless 125 by Cross. The number signifies how many of these pens there are in the world. Made of 18 karat gold, the pen is worth $4,000. 

If you're not a little disgusted yet, TMZ Sports reports that this will be the only time Floyd uses the pen because, according to Mayweather, it's now "a part of history."

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