It's been awhile since Floyd Mayweather has bragged about winning a big bet on Instagram. For awhile there, he was letting the world know about his wagers on sporting events at least once or twice a week (see here, here, and here). But he's slowed down in recent months, especially now that he's training for his big fight against Manny Pacquiao.

At least, he's slowed down when it's come to showing the world his bets. But apparently, he's still making them. Just check out this story that MLive did on him over the weekend. In it, Mayweather talks about the fight of the century, his plan for fighting Pacquiao, and his recent training regimen. But in the piece, writer David Mayo also notes that, on the day he visited Mayweather in the gym, the boxer was checking up on a  bet that he'd put in. And that bet wasn't on an important NCAA Tournament game. Rather, it was on a relatively meaningless Timberwolves/Jazz game that was played last Monday night.

Mayweather won the bet and, as Mayo notes, he had more than a million dollars in his sportsbook account after he did. But yo…a Timberwolves/Jazz game?! We can't really hate too hard on Mayweather because he won the bet and won easily—he had the Timberwolves, who were a 10-point underdog and beat the Jazz outright—but it seems crazy that he's training for the fight of his life and simultaneously placing six-figure bets on NBA games that nobody else cares about, doesn't it?

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