You Can Now Visit a Mural for Derrick Rose's Knees in Chicago

Blessings, on blessings, on blessings.

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Derrick Rose has played in the NBA this season, and by time the Bulls' season ends, he should be on the court for that too. He's just not out there right now. Despite his latest knee injury, he's been telling teammates that he'll be back this season. That's hardly consoling for fans, who've now seen three years of NBA basketball fly by without seeing Rose back to his best. Given his wretched injury history, Bulls fans are living in trepidation—so much so, that it seems that some fans have finally reached that final stage of grief: Acceptance

Two Bulls fans going by the aliases "Bae Cutler" and "Joking Noah" are carrying out their acceptance of Rose's woes with this mural, placed below an underpass on Fullerton Ave. near N Damen in Chicago. Rose isn't actually dead, but in Chicago's basketball landscape, watching him take a court again would be like watching a ghost at this point. He'll be back this season yeah, but Derrick Rose, NBA MVP, is dead. 

Set up in Chicago this past weekend, the Carroll and Beltran held a vigil for Rose while fellow fans contributed to the memorial. Bryan Allen Lamb snapped some photos for Triangle Offense

You can check out more photos of Rose's mural and read what its creators have to say about it over at Triangle Offense.

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