Tired of talking about Major League Baseball's steroid problem? Us, too. It's been a thing for so long now that, quite frankly, we don't know who or what to believe anymore (the only thing we know for sure: Don't trust A-Rod!). So when we heard that David Ortiz had written a piece about steroids for The Players' Tribune, we thought, "Meh."

As it turns out, though, Ortiz's piece about 'roids is good. Really, really good. In it, he talks about how often he gets tested and writes about how a couple "American guys holding briefcases" banged down his door in the Dominican Republic at 7:30 in the morning one day this past winter to get a sample from him. He also talks about what it's like to be asked about his alleged steroid use on a regular basis. And finally, he talks about a time back in 2013 when Boston Globe reporter Dan Shaughnessy approached him after his hot start to the season and peppered him with a series of really disrespectful questions. Ortiz says he wanted to "kill" Shaughnessy for going about things the way he did, but…well, we'll let him tell it:

In 2013, I came off the DL and started hot. My first 20 games I was hitting like .400. And the reporter with the red jheri curl from The Boston Globe comes into the locker room says, “You’re from the Dominican. You’re older. You fit the profile of a steroid user. Don’t you think you’re a prime suspect?”

He’s saying this with a straight face. I had taken like 70 at-bats. Anybody can get hot and hit .400 with 70 at-bats. I was stunned. I’m like, I’m Dominican? I fit the profile? Are you kidding me?

I wanted to kill this guy. But you can’t react. That’s what they want. They want you to get angry so they can bury you. So I just smiled at him and asked for his address.

“Why do you want my address?” he said.

“Because I just got tested two days ago.” I said. “I’ll mail you the f****ing results.”

"I'll mail you the fucking results"? Excellent response. Very well played.

But on a serious note, Ortiz's piece is definitely worth a read. Even if you think you can't handle another steroid-related story, we guarantee it'll change your perception of both Ortiz and those who have been accused of juicing in the past. Check it out here.

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[via The Players' Tribune]