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Things are far from rosy at Real Madrid at the moment—almost losing to Schalke in the Champions League, Gareth Bale coming under fire from the press, and Barcelona sitting atop La Liga. The fans are grumpy, and it seems, so are the players.

Their 2-0 victory over Levante at the weekend should have been enough to silence the haters, but now footage has emerged of an enraged Cristiano Ronaldo appearing to swear at the Real fans after they kept booing the team. In the close-up Ronaldo seems to mouth “Foda se” to the crowd—which in Portuguese roughly translates as “Go fuck yourself”.

Considering he’s scored 41 goals in only 39 appearances for Real this year, and he’s still getting booed, we can see where he’s coming from.

Here’s the video:


Ronaldo also seemed to be in a strop even when his team are doing well. When Gareth Bale slotted home Real’s first goal against Levante, after Ronaldo’s shot was blocked, he didn’t look particularly happy for his teammate. He's clearly looks pissed that Bale scored and he didn't.

Watch Ronaldo’s reaction – he’s at the bottom left

Could this be a sign that he’ll be leaving Real in the summer?