Philippe Coutinho's goal against Manchester City last Sunday meant everything to Liverpool's charge to qualify for a Top 4 Champions League spot. The English Premier League season is down to its last 11 matches, and wonder strikes, like Coutinho's above, become more important week-by-week. This week, however, the importance of the strike was only matched by the orgasmic feelings sprayed out by Liverpool fans the world over.

I mean, just look at the goal. It's bold. It's got curves. It goes all the way. Everything Coutinho does here is as sexy as the game can get. And according to The Metro and The Independent, one (likely pubescent) fan was so charged up by the goal that (while likely trolling the site in question for some post-match pleasure) decided to upload it to PornHub. Recognizing the sheer quality of the goal, it's been categorized as "Pure Filth." Yes! 

We have our reservations about the "upload" though. A quick Google didn't net any links to "Coutinho goal against Man City," and after spending a some time trolling around PornHub and its site (sometimes at Complex Sports, we must wear the Porn Journalist hat), no video could be found.

There's no "Pure Filth" category on PornHub either, which may be a deal breaker here, but it's probably more disappointing to those souls who excitedly tabbed over to PornHub after seeing "Pure Filth" listed under a nice photo of Coutinho's strike. 

Videos of international soccer teams "fucking" each other in World Cup action are still floating around the site though. 

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[via The Metro]

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