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You know what the NFL needs? MORE SCORING.

In recent years, the league has made a push to allow more points to go up on the board by making it more difficult for defensive players to guard offensive players and by encouraging teams to throw the ball more in the process. But is there any way that they'd go for a new proposal that would call for nine-point—yes, nine-point—touchdowns?

Probably not. But Jim Irsay and the Colts reportedly just proposed the idea anyway. It would call for teams who score on two-point conversions to get the opportunity to kick a long field goal in order to earn one more point. And it sounds, well, ridiculous:

We're all for more scoring. More scoring equals more fantasy football points, which means more adrenaline coursing through our veins on Sunday afternoons. But this probably, er, definitely isn't the way for the NFL to put more points up on the scoreboard.

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[via Next Impulse Sports]