The college basketball fan in the Vine above had the opportunity of a lifetime last night. At halftime of the Notre Dame/Duke game, he was given the chance to win $1 million if he could sink a half-court shot. Just one problem: It appears as though the guy had never touched a basketball in his life.

Hitting a half-court shot obviously isn't easy. It would take most people at least 10 tries to even come close to making one. But this guy barely reached the free-throw line! They could have changed the rules and said, "Hit the backboard and you win $1 million," and he still wouldn't have come anywhere close to cashing out.

If you want to get the image of this guy shooting a half-court shot out of your mind, check out the clip below. This is how you take and make a half-courter for a million bucks:

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[via For The Win]