We take you now to Glendale, Ariz., where Tanner Rahier, a minor league baseball player in the Cincinnati Reds farm system, was arrested last Saturday after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend while under the influence. 

Sadly, a story about domestic abuse among professional athletes isn't terribly new to anyone anymore. However, what makes Rahier's tale particularly shocking is the weapon that he reportedly used to knock his significant other unconscious: a "large rock." 

The exact size of the geological instrument remains unknown. Regardless, it should strike anyone as a bit barbaric or primitive to be testing out your fastball with stones. According to the report: "Rahier started throwing rocks at his girlfriend, police said. One rock, about 8-inches in diameter, reportedly hit the woman on the left side of her head, caused a deep cut and knocked her unconsciousaccording to the probable cause statement." 

It isn't Rahier's first run-in with the law, either. Rahier has also been arrested for public intoxication. If the charges stand, he'll have more issues than just his swing to figure out if he hopes to make it to the major leagues. 

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[via The Sporting News]

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