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When Nick Young stepped onto the Los Angeles Lakers practice court, something was noticeably different and it wasn't hard to tell. After rocking the faux hawk for quite some time, Young has made a change. Instead of describing it, we will just show you right now. 

Of course, people wanted to know about the motivation behind the new look. 

Obviously, it's different and going to take some getting used to. After getting Swaggy P's take on the new 'do, ESPN's Arash Markazi went to Lakers head coach Byron Scott for his perspective and let's just say, he had jokes.   

So...Byron isn't a fan? Upon hearing about Scott's comments, Young was more than willing to take some shots right back at him. Per Inside the Lakers:

“People with no hair wouldn’t understand,” said Young, a jab at Scott being bald. “He had the ability to try things with his hair. But when it’s over with, you tend to turn into a hater to people who got hair. I would be mad at somebody who had hair if I didn’t have hair.”

Watch it, Nick! Just take the joke. You don't want your playing time to suffer! 

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