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Every year, President Obama invites ESPN's Andy Katz to the White House to fill out his NCAA Tournament bracket. And more often than not, we're left underwhelmed by the President's picks. He's made a habit out of putting together incredibly chalk-y brackets that feature nothing but the highest seeds in the tournament going to the Final Four. Look no further than his 2014 NCAA Tournament bracket for proof of that (yes, he picked two No. 4 seeds to go to the Final Four, but keep in mind that those were the two teams—Michigan State and Louisville—that almost every analyst in America picked to advance to that point in the tournament).

So when we heard that President Obama picked Kentucky to win the title this season—a team that's currently 34-0 and looking to cap off an undefeated season with a run to the National Championship Game—we thought, "Here we go again!" But we've gotta give the Commander-in-Chief a little bit of credit this year. Even though he did pick Kentucky to go all the way, he also clearly put some thought into his bracket, which was published on the White House's blog this morning. Just look at all of the second-guessing he did!

So with that in mind, we decided to analyze President Obama's 2015 NCAA Tournament bracket a little bit more closely than we have in the past (sorry for calling you a front-runner last year, Mr. President!). Here are our 7 biggest takeaways from his 2015 picks.