March Madness is back, and despite what you, I, or any expert or self-described “bracketologist” may suggest, nobody really knows what the hell they’re doing with their brackets. Your fill-ins are equally as valid as mine, as are grandma’s and your dog’s. Single-elimination tournaments, by nature, are subject to harsh and jarring changes. One early upset and your entire region or, worse yet, entire bracket can be tossed out. Another wasted $100 buy-in at work.

If doing research and learning about the key teams before filling out your bracket (or maybe, at the very least, before filling out your sixth or seventh bracket) is important to you, then that’s awesome. Being a slightly more educated basketball fan with a wrong bracket is the only silver lining that most of us will get out of this month, but damn if we won’t enjoy the joyous peaks and ruinous valleys of the Big Dance. Whip your informed choices into shape with nuggets and breakdowns of 10 Teams That Can Make or Break Your Bracket This Year.