Earlier this month, just hours after Super Bowl XLIX ended, Warren Sapp got arrested at a hotel in Arizona and charged with soliciting a prostitute and assaulting her during an argument. It was a terrible look for Sapp, who lost his job with the NFL Network a short time later. But according to a police report that was just obtained by TMZ Sports, the incident may have been even crazier than we originally thought.

Sapp reportedly told police that he met two women—a 23-year-old and a 34-year-old—at the bar inside of his hotel on February 2. He allegedly agreed to pay the women $300 each in exchange for oral sex. The police report says that the women then went back to Sapp's hotel room and performed oral sex on him while he recorded them on his cell phone. But an argument started after the 23-year-old woman asked Sapp for more money in exchange for sex. He refused to give it to her and a physical altercation reportedly took place between Sapp and the 23-year-old that ended with the women calling police to Sapp's room.

"I do what I do," she told the responding officers, "but that doesn't give him the right to put his hands on me."

Sapp is scheduled to make a court appearance in Arizona on Monday. If he's convicted of soliciting a prostitute and assault, he could spend up to six months behind bars. What a wild story.

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