After Adrian Peterson was indicted on a series of child abuse-related charges during the 2014-15 NFL season, it looked unlikely that he'd ever play for the Vikings again. The team didn't come out and say that they were planning on cutting ties with AP. But they did distance themselves from him in the weeks after his arrest and several reports indicated that his time with Minnesota was coming to an end.

However, now that the legal process has played itself out, it sounds like the Vikings are willing to give AP a second chance. Minnesota general manager Rick Spielman spoke with Pro Football Talk Live today and revealed that he believes Peterson "will be back with the Vikings" for the 2015-16 NFL season. Of course, that could change between now and July when players report to training camp. But as of today, AP is expected to be back with the team.

You can hear Spielman talk about Peterson and his future with the Vikings in this clip:

After everything that happened last season, are you surprised?

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[via Pro Football Talk]