For a brief, fleeting moment, the corpse that is the NBA Dunk Contest rose from the grave, shook off the dirt and once again roamed the Earth.

Zach LaVine and Victor Oladipo brought the dormant Barclays Center crowd to its feet and Reggie Miller's voice to falsetto with their first rounds dunks. They will now face off in the finals. (UPDATE: LaVine took home the crown, but none of their final dunks matched the greatness of the first round.)

I mean, he almost got a concussion from the rim, you guys!

It's like he's not even trying. This is natural to LaVine. Effortless.

It took Oladipo a couple tries, but the dude busted out a 540 reverse dunk. That's some video game type stuff.

Just look how excited Dr. J is! You don't get this anywhere else folks. 

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